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    Jun 13, 2019
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    IGN: Brxdie
    Discord: Brxdie #8174
    Main server: FTB Rev
    4) I have a relative knowledge of the mods, though what I know is only expanding as i play.
    5) Generally speaking, i think arguments should be kept out of the main and in private messaging... I'd make this relatively clear. With that said, i would try to get to full story and resolve the issue accordingly. If it was something that was simply out of my hand, i would re-direct them to the support ticket section on the discord.
    6) Generally, You'd work around according to the severity, as well as the number of offenses.. 1st, 2nd, 3rd, ect... This could range from muting to banning
    7) Other than a new face to help guide the community and keep toxicity and such out, i think I'll really be of use to your community. Making players feel like there's help if they need it.
    8) I work 25-32 hours a week, though i usually manage to squeeze at least 15 hours into MC-Complex around that.
    9) Nothing in particular.
    10) My timezone is PDT, I generally play Minecraft in the afternoon if im working that same day (5-11pm ish.) The days i have off, I'll be on most of the day.
    11) Not meaning too offend but I've noticed a particular gap in help on the server... Very rarely do i see Staff on the Rev server and when i do.. They dont seem too knowledgeable on what they should be doing.

    Sorry i quite literally just followed the guideline over typing out an actual application, its getting late and i wanted to throw this on here before i hopped off for the night. I hope you consider me for a position, and have a great night.

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