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    1) Age: 15

    2) I am usually online 4+ Hours per day in the summer unless I have exams and summer school tests. During School days, I am available on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays. I am usually online.

    3) I understand most mod packs but I am currently still exploring other mods that I haven’t played. I am positive all the time even after being lectured by parents.

    4) Yes, I have discord

    Staff Application Guideline:

    2) Bubbynuffles#4665

    3) I play primarily on Skyfactory 3.

    4) I know most modpacks, I am willing to play more mods and explore to have a better knowledge on other mods.

    5) Scenario: First, calming these two down and finding what the issue is. If they are using heavy language, a warning will be given. If the two can’t be calmed down, and they ignore the warnings, I would mute them and notify a staff ASAP in a higher position than me.

    6) If I had already given the person a few warnings and what the consequences are, and are still breaking the rules, I would temp ban and notify a staff of a higher position than me ASAP. If there are staff online, I would message them and ask what I should do.

    7) Since there are many toxic players in the community, I can probably have patience and them to deal with them. I feel that other applicants may not be so patient. That is what might separate me from the other applicants. Also, I have had a few staff opportunities in other servers including other games like Rust, Unturned, Discord and regular Minecraft.

    8) Currently, I have an exam coming up and may not be able to play as often but during the summer, I usually spend 4+ hours per day and 4+ hours on weekday during school time.

    9) I think that I’m a great comedian, I can probably entertain other staff and help members in need of assistance easily. I am also a musician, I can play instruments.

    10) I live in B.C. Canada, I am pretty sure that is Pacific Time. It’s the same time zone as Washington U.S.

    11) As a current member of the Mc-Complex community, I see many new people joining the server and asking questions. Most of the time, many staff aren’t online and I want to become one so that I can help these people in desperate need of assistance. By becoming a staff. The new members can ask questions freely without worrying if their answer is right or wrong.
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