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    1) I am currently 16 and almost 17 years old.
    2) I play almost every day for over ~5 hours on Stoneblock 2
    3) Whenever I get the chance to help, I do so!
    4) I use Discord all the time
    1) My Minecraft IGN is CaitUltedJFK1963
    2) My Discord tag is Union Jack Fiddlesticks#2582
    3) I primarily play on Stoneblock, but can be flexible to more servers like Project Ozone 3 or Sky factory 3&4
    4) I can go around modpacks pretty easily. I know my way around them fairly enough and can help most people.
    5) Depending on the severity of the argument; I would stop them both by warning them both and eventually, I would mute them for 5 minutes, adding 5 minutes every time they continue.
    6) Well, it really depends on since when the player has been playing on this server. If they are breaking the rules due to not knowing them, I would tell them to read the rules and ask them politely to follow them. If the players is breaking them with a malicious intent, I would warn the player and contact the higher-ups if the player continues
    7) I am fluent in 5 languages. I am able to help players that cannot or aren't confident enough to talk English.
    8) I usually can fill in over 30 hours a week when I don't have school and over 10 per week when I do.
    9) I usually like pulling out all-nighters so I can play a lot
    10) My Timezone is Western European Summer Time (GMT+1). I usually play from afternoon until 4 am
    11) I wish to become staff on Complex since I like to be there for people. I like to be able to help them in any way I can. There's hardly any staff on Stoneblock and I would like to be there for the players if no one else is there.

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