Hackers caused death at spawn

Discussion in 'FTB Support' started by corey, Aug 7, 2019.

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    Jul 20, 2019
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    Good afternoon staff.

    I would like to say what a fantastic server you have and staff are always helpful

    Im regretful to say how ever that I have encountered an issue on infinity evolved, where some one had blown up spawn and when I teleported /spawn, there was no roof.. this usually

    Wouldn’t be a problem, how ever since my character has vampirism, so to say, I didn’t last very long and died. That’s not to much of a hassel. My grevience is that I can no longer get my stuff back as its blocked by admin privs.

    I am very hopeful that I can some how get all this stuff back as some of it is quite valuable to my poor little base

    Character name: evans1471

    Server: Infinity evolved.

    Time death accured: roughly 11pm-11:30pm 8/6/19 Perth/Australian time what ever that is.

    Location: current spawn location as of then

    please note i had sent an email as well. but i didnt not read properly to create a forum post first. my apologies

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