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it is very hard to learn the language, who can advise how to improve this process?


At one time used a card solution from AnkiPro, they have anki software , you can download them. AnkiPro uses an interval repetition method that optimizes the process of memorizing new words and phrases. This method systematically provides you with cards with words that are difficult for you to memorize, providing repetition at different time intervals. This allows you to learn foreign words and phrases more effectively and consolidate them in your memory. I hope I was able to find an interesting and effective solution. Good luck with your learning!



I've been thinking for a long time about starting to learn languages, then taking an international exam and looking for a job abroad. The only problem was just starting to learn languages. Promova was recommended to me as a reliable and convenient platform with a wide selection of different online courses for languages and it seems to me that online learning is the most convenient format at the moment.