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    1) KillianCreation
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    3) Revelations
    4) Moderate to acute, I am most knowledgeable with specific packs, though learning much more as I play ♥
    5) I would ask them to cease the argument and calmly explain the situation to me, each giving their side of the story, and move forward depending on what the argument was about.
    6) I would check with a higher staff member before taking heavy action such as banning, but would certainly kick or mute the player given the correct circumstances. (Spamming, bug abusing, hacking, etc)
    7) I have run several of my own servers, mostly all on my own, and I am fairly knowledgeable on plugins, as well as helping the community surrounding the server.
    8) As of the last week I have spent 8+ hours on the server daily. I am currently unemployed and don't have much else to do, and play during my free time ♥
    9) I have often been picked for staff due to my more energetic and bubbly personality, as well as my eagerness to get things done in the quickest, most efficient, and correct way possible. I feel this makes me a good candidate for staff, especially on rather wide spread server. I am also an artist and would be completely willing to help out with any logo, badge, or general art that is needed for the server!
    10) I live in EST timezone, and I generally get on at 11am - 1pm, and log off at 10pm - 12am, sometimes later depending on if my partner is working the next day.
    11) I enjoy helping communities grow and expand, the servers seem they could use some real help with all the recent staff having left the servers rather empty handed.. And I am happy to lend my assistance in any way that I am able!

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