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    1. KtheKinng
    2. Kinng#0165
    3. Skyfactory 3
    4. I know probably too much about skyfactory, which is what i primarily play
    5. Ask what the problem is very calmly, get both players side of the story, and try and work out a solution that works best for the both of them
    6. Give him or her a 1 hour timeout from playing on the server. If the problem persists after that i would proceed to ban the player
    7. I think that i bring a sense of knowing what position players are in since i have been playing skyfactory on servers for a long time and have had alot of situations involving needing staff help
    8. I have never played on Complex-Gaming since today, but other servers i played on pretty often
    9.I am a very hard working and civil person who really enjoys to help people out, and i think i would make a great addition to your guys's staff team
    10.I live in Central daylight time
    11. I wish to become staff simply because i enjoy helping people and i feel that people with admin/mod/staff capabilities can help out other players a lot easier
    12. Q.Do you have any previous staff/admin experience on any other servers? A. Yes i have had experience on other servers with being staff and helping players which is why i really enjoy helping other players. I had a lot of fun helping people out so id like to be able to do it again to my full potential.

    I hope you guys at the Complex-Gaming staff team will consider me joining what is most definitely a wonderful team!

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