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    Jul 10, 2019
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    1) TH3R1FL3MAST3R
    2) KnEe_GuR#7949
    3) Stoneblock 2
    4) I'm fairly new but know majority of the mod as I've studied the mod before playing. (studied the wiki and watched Youtube videos.
    5) I would give them a warning and tell them that it's not worth the time and you gain nothing from insulting, if it happens again i will have to take further actions. (Ban for a certain amount of time/timeout)
    6) By banning them.
    7) I am very active as all I do is play Minecraft for long periods of time a day and I love to help people out and prevent bullying.
    8) I'm new to this server but I play Minecraft about 6-10 hours a day, so I will play this server as much as I can.
    9) I really don't like bullying and will do what I can with my power to stop it.

    10) Central Daylight Time, I usually play anytime between 12am to 12pm.
    11) I need to save up money for college.

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