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    Age: 15+ No exeptions! - I'm 15 years old.
    Active Player! (Online Often) - I play at least 6 hours a day, only on rare occasions I would play least then 6 hours a day.
    Helpful And Knowledgeable FTB Player ! - I would say my experience in PO3 Is great, I've discovered a large percent of the mod pack and I find out about plenty of new things every day I play. I share my knowledge with other players often.
    Has/Uses Discord Often! I have discord open on my computer 24/7 and I check it VERY Often. I can be more active in chat in needed although I would rather to focus on the In-game chat more. I also have a lot of discord experience with moderating, etc.
    MC Username - AlonTBC
    Discord Tag - AlonTBC#2282
    Which server Do you primarly play on? - Project Ozone 3.
    FTB Modpacks knowledge - Most of my knowledge is in the Project Ozone 3 pack although I still know quite a bit about SF3 and SF4.
    Scenario 2 - If the players are only argueing I would ask them nicely to move along into personal messages, if they keep argueing in chat I will give them a warning, and if they keep argueing I will give them a second warning, and inform them that the next time they argue in chat they will receive a 10 minute Mute, after the 10 minute mute, it will move onto 30 and then an hour, etc. etc. If players use racist, or any offensive language, it will be a straight mute and the time will vary depending on what the players said. (All of this will go to there personal messages as I don't want to cause more havoc in the chat)
    Player constantly breaking rules - If a player constantly breaks the rules I will message them and ask them to stop and read the rules of the server again, if the player keeps breaking the rules I will warn them of a possible ban or a mute.
    What do you bring to the community that other applicants do not - I think my way of handling situations without argueing much or stretching the uneccesary conversation is better then most people in the server from my experience, I also respond VERY quickly on both discord and ingame.
    How many hours do you play on complex weekly - I usually play for atleast 30-40 hours on complex per week
    Is there anything that the complex team should know about you - I'm young yet mature, I try my hardest to be a positive person and help other people in hopes of making them a more positive individual and also make the overall community prosper.
    What is my timezone - I live in Israel and my timezone is GMT+2 (2 hours ahead of Europe).
    Why do you wish to become staff on complex - I wish to become staff on complex so I can have my chance to make a positive change in the community and also make new players
    comfortable with older ones.
    Thanks for reading my application, If I do get picked I assure you all I will do my best to furfill all my promises above.

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