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    Staff Application Requirements:
    1) Age: 15+ No exceptions!


    2) Active Player! (Online Often)

    I try to be as active as possible, but as a full-time college student with a full-time job it gets kinda crazy

    3) Helpful and Knowledgeable FTB Player!

    I love modded minecraft and there are not many mods out there that I wouldn't be willing to learn if I do not already know them.

    4) Has/Uses Discord Often!

    Always on.(I might have an addiction)

    Staff Application Guideline:
    1) Whats your minecraft username?

    2) What is your discord tag?

    3) Which server do you primarily play on?
    At the moment I play on SF3, but I will be getting into more soon.

    4)How In-Depth is your knowledge of the FTB Modpacks?
    I have a fairly good understanding of most mods and what I don't know I can easily figure out.

    5) Scenario: 2 players are arguing and insulting each other and you are the only staff member online how would you deal with this situation?
    First I would ask the player(s) to try to resolve it via pm, I would give them 3 warnings. If they continued in global then I would mute them for 5 minutes and continue scaling up from there.
    Example scale: 5 min>30 min>1 hour>1 day
    If they don't get the message from a 1 day mute then I would move to a 3 day temp ban etc.

    6) How would you respond if a player consistently broke the rules?

    It really depends on what the rules that are being broken are. If they are placing to many of a certain building down in a chunk then I would warn them about it and ask them to remove it with a warning. After 3 warnings the consequences would start with a 3 day temp-ban, for most rule breaking this would be the case, but if a spacial occasion arises then it will be dealt with accordingly.

    7) What do you bring to the community that other applicants do not?
    I bring more of a laid back/easy going personality that will help if I can and if not I will find a way/find a person of higher authority to help. Along with a laid back personality, I can bring some maturity with me because of my age(21).

    8) How many hours per week do you normally play Complex-Gaming?
    It varies. Sometimes I'll put 12 hours on the server then other weeks I'll put 20+ hours on a server.

    9) Is there anything else the Complex-Gaming team should know about you?
    I am almost always reachable through discord. If you need me and drop a message to me then I will usually respond within a short period of time. If I don't respond then chances are I am asleep. I love to talk to people and even with controversial topics I don't get "heated." I'm always willing to learn something I don't know and I am generally a nice person. If you need anymore information feel free to message me on discord.

    10) What timezone do you live in and at what times are you normally on (This is to ensure there are staff on at all times)?
    GMT-4 and I am on usually between 9am and 3pm.

    11) Why do you wish to become staff on Complex-FTB?

    I enjoy helping people whether it is with a mod or it is administrative. I like how complex is run and I hope that I could help it run just as smooth if not smoother. I don't often see staff online, at least on SF3, and I am looking to help the server in a way that I couldn't before.

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