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    1) Age: 15+ No exceptions!
    I am 20 years old so no problem there
    2) Active Player! (Online Often)
    I am online every day
    3) Helpful and Knowledgeable FTB Player!
    I know FTB modpacks pretty well. The only one i have not played much is SB2.
    4) Has/Uses Discord Often!

    Yes and I am on discord Daily
    1) Whats your minecraft username?
    2) What is your discord tag?
    3) Which server do you primarily play on?
    SF3 is my main modpack but i can switch to others if needed.
    4)How In-Depth is your knowledge of the FTB Modpacks?
    I have a good bit of knowledge of the modpacks but mostly SF3
    5) Scenario: 2 players are arguing and insulting each other and you are the only staff member online how would you deal with this situation?
    I would message both of them asking what the problem is and then I would try to come to an agreement that both of them are happy with. If one of the players is still acting up after a resolution was offered I would warn that player and mute them if needed.
    6) How would you respond if a player consistently broke the rules?
    I would give them a warning then I would kick them if they failed to do what was asked and if they log back on and continue their behavior I would mute them followed by a tempban if they are still doing it.
    7) What do you bring to the community that other applicants do not?
    I'm pretty sure I play on SF3 more than anyone else. I was also a manager on another server called Loopitech for a while before it closed down.
    8) How many hours per week do you normally play Complex-Gaming?
    I play at least 3-5 hours a day. So on average about 18-20 hours a week.
    9) Is there anything else the Complex-Gaming team should know about you?
    I am no stranger to responsibility and learn quickly. I was emancipated when i turned 16 and have had no problem living on my own since then. I have owned minecraft since it came out so I am pretty experienced in it.
    10) What timezone do you live in and at what times are you normally on (This is to ensure there are staff on at all times)?
    I live in EST and i normally play from 10AM-3PM and 12AM to 4AM
    11) Why do you wish to become staff on Complex-FTB?
    I want to help with SF3 because staff usually do not play on there and i do all the time so i feel like i would be a big help there. I also like to help people and i cant think of any better way to help.
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