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    1) What is your Minecraft username? RasmusFranck

    2) Are you appealing a ban or a mute? Ban

    3) What server were you banned/muted on? Both the EU and US Pixelmon server, but was playing on EU Blue when the ban appeared

    4) Please provide an explanation of why you were banned from the server:
    So i got banned for the use of Pokeradar 1 time. And i thought well okay. Its not allowed, i then tried to join the us server still with the pokeradar installed. Got banned there as well. So. I waited my ban out. and i dragged the pokeradar out of my mod folder (I use it for survival) and thought it was out of the folder. Turns out it wasn't (I dont really pay attention to it cuz i use it in survival) And then i joined back after my ban was expired, installed a new resource pack and in the time changing it. I got banned for a week.

    5) Do you believe this ban/mute was unfair? If so why? Honestly i wasn't unfairly banned. I made a mistake.

    6) Which staff member do you believe banned/muted you (optional)? I beleive it was the Anti-Cheat. If not i have no clue who it was

    7) Why should you be unbanned/unmuted?
    I admit i made a mistake. And there for deserve the punishment, but i wanted to try my luck and see if i could get a unban. I know its only a week, but im chilling on the server and having fun. And as you can see in the screenshots posted below. I have completely removed the pokeradar from my mod folder. So i would appreciate if i could be unbanned :)

    8) Any additional proof or things to let us know! (Screenshots, Videos, Etc)
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