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  1. Crystaliapuppy

    Galaxy egg glitches

    Hi there! Are you able to make a ticket about this on our discord so we can help you further if this hasnt been resolved?
  2. Crystaliapuppy

    Timed Out

    Unfortunetly we're aware of this problem and at the moment the thing that fixes this is a server restart
  3. Crystaliapuppy

    Random items being thrown after battle

    hi there! Are you able to send a video of this in a discord ticket by chance?
  4. Crystaliapuppy

    how do i get my pokedex restored

    Hi there, its most likely that the server got reset and hence why your progress was wiped
  5. Crystaliapuppy

    can't use 2G for technic launcher

    Youd need to install the 64 bit version of Java
  6. Crystaliapuppy

    Inventory sorting mods?

    Sorting mods or any other add on mods that only apply for small things such as those like JEI are completely fine, the mods we dont allow are mods that give you advantage like schemetica, xray or similar things
  7. Crystaliapuppy

    refund pls

    Hi there Id reccomend making a ticket and from there getting a refund if you havent already or if any future cases of these come up
  8. Crystaliapuppy

    healp me

    You can make a ticket on our discord server in the help and support section and request for it :)
  9. Crystaliapuppy

    Ditto Spawn

    Yes dittos do spawn at the savanna warp infront of the barn
  10. Crystaliapuppy

    How do i get an elytra

    Hey there Jeffery22 you can find an elytra at the /warp battle tower and some players may even sell it on /Gts
  11. Crystaliapuppy

    Beginners dungeons

    Hey there Kimiko! Have you been trying it with an empty inventory? that would include armor. Please let me know if that works!
  12. Crystaliapuppy

    Rank bought on wrong server

    Hey there, if you could make a ticket on our discord and refrain from using any commands or items then we might be able to help you with this
  13. Crystaliapuppy

    Zombie Gyarados is Unobtainable

    Hey there thank you for the report! I'll be looking into this for you and see if i can replicate this
  14. Crystaliapuppy

    Ban appeal

    Hey there Softrockcafe, if you'd like to appeal for your ban you can do so by filling out the form to the ban appeal here on the forums.
  15. Crystaliapuppy

    /modpack rewards

    Hello! This would indeed because of that, To receive the rewards for playing our modpack you'll need to be playing the Complex Pixelmon Modpack through Technic Launcher.