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  1. CookieWookie548

    Safe Trading Guide

    Making deals with other players is an essential part of the Complex Gaming experience! However, it's also important to know how to identify red flags when trading to ensure that you do not get scammed. This guide will hopefully show you how to do just that! The Basics You always want to start...
  2. CookieWookie548

    Pokemon Breeding Guide

    Pokemon breeding is one of the most important things on Pixelmon! This guide will hopefully help you learn the essentials of breeding on Complex Pixelmon. Breeding Items Daycare Daycare blocks are necessary in order to breed any 2 Pokemon together. They can be purchased from /warp grassmart or...
  3. CookieWookie548

    Rivals Server Rules

    Rivals Server Rules 1. Use common sense and do not disrupt other player's gaming experience. 2. Advertising is strictly forbidden. 3. Do not grief builds or create inappropriate builds. Do not steal/raid from other players, even if unclaimed. 4. Use of any mods/clients that can give you or any...