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  1. NotJoxxie

    Global Ranks for Pixelmon

    I was thinking about a Global Ranking System for all 8 Pixelmon servers Global Ranks can only occur if the player wants to buy Legend Rank and above only for rank upgrades or if the player already has Omega rank he/she can upgrade their rank to a specific server for 175 instead of 200
  2. NotJoxxie

    Grass gym leader battle wont start

    Grass Gym has a Level Cap of 55 only, once you get a pokemon to lv55 stop the leveling in the stats :D
  3. NotJoxxie

    Can't install

    I had the same problem, get Minecraft Forge, install Pixelmon towards the mods folder. i do have discord so i can send you the mods that are from the technic pack Mods Feel Free to message me if you have any issues! :D