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  1. FroggerTkL

    Trouble loading Pixelmon 1.20.1-9.2.1

    Complex Pixelmon hasn't yet updated to 1.20.1 and probably won't for awhile. Also 1.20 version is in Alpha build so it may be unstable. If you want to play the server, revert back to 1.16.5 and the compatible Pixelmon version
  2. FroggerTkL

    Platinum server wipe?

    Platinum server got wiped today, as well as Ruby and Blue. This was decided due to various reasons including popular demand, overall world health, and a struggling economy. Server wipes help bring back in players and everyone gets a fresh start. Also before you ask, you do not get any pokemon...
  3. FroggerTkL

    Pokemon wont fly anymore

    More then likely its the mod. Nothing you can do on your end. I have known the DEVs to remove some pokemon as flying mounts in the past.
  4. FroggerTkL

    Ev training command help

    This might help! https://pixelmonmod.com/wiki/EV_training
  5. FroggerTkL

    Zygarde Cells

    This might help: https://pixelmonmod.com/wiki/Zygarde_Cell They are just rare spawns and can spawn in any biome and as they are only able to spawn in chunks that have been loaded for a total of 30 minutes or less. Also you can buy the cores and cells. although they are expensive, it does save...
  6. FroggerTkL

    Make Dynamax Bands/features donor exclusive.

    Quests arent disabled, they spawn in villages at dawn. I know because I play on Crystal and was able to do the quest.
  7. FroggerTkL

    need help

    We will need some sort of evidence that it is you wanting the reset, otherwise we could be resetting a completely different person. Screenshots are taken with F2 or and found via %appdata% after pressing the Window + R button, then you select .minecraft then screenshots.
  8. FroggerTkL

    Buyin g Pixelmon Platinum beta

    There is no platinum server, its Diamond and Pearl, and the beta passes dont go on sell until 3pm EST on August 25th. I believe at that time they will be available on our shop here: https://store.mc-complex.com/ or via a link in our discord.
  9. FroggerTkL

    need help

    Ill go ahead and help you get started, just answer a couple of questions for me! What is your IGN (Minecraft Name)? Which server do want to restart on? (If you want it to be all of them then respond with "All") And can you just provide a screenshot of it actually being you that is wanting the...
  10. FroggerTkL

    Help please JIBLIT1980

    Hello! I have a question if you do not mind, As I can already tell by your screenshot and we have your IGN, what server are you currently playing on?
  11. FroggerTkL

    One week of waiting down. .

    https://www.mc-complex.com/forums/pixelmon/form/ban-appeal.2/select You can make a ban appeal here!
  12. FroggerTkL

    Refund? Please

    Within our Terms, we do not do refunds, and if you wish to make a ban appeal, you can do that here: https://www.mc-complex.com/forums/pixelmon/form/ban-appeal.2/select
  13. FroggerTkL

    cracked support

    It does not, server requires a minecraft account to play. Hopefully soon you can buy one and join us?! :)
  14. FroggerTkL

    Keep Plushies on Reset

    Locking thread as this issue or question has been resolved. Thank you both for your questions and concerns.
  15. FroggerTkL

    Keep Plushies on Reset

    Even if you did it cant be refunded or given back on reset, everything is wiped for everyone. Most of the time resets are not planned. And the only thing given back are ranks and commands bought from the store.
  16. FroggerTkL

    Keep Plushies on Reset

    Plushies arent kept on reset, just a heads up :)
  17. FroggerTkL

    Keep Plushies on Reset

    It could happen with a warning like the red server or shut down and reset without warning. Most announcements are posted on our discord.
  18. FroggerTkL

    Keep Plushies on Reset

    Hello! I am glad you are enjoying the plushies, as are alot of players! But unfortunately on resets, everything is wiped, Pokemon, In Game Currency, Map, Items, basically everything is wiped clean so players can start fresh, and plushies would fall under items so they would have to be wiped...
  19. FroggerTkL


    Hoppers are disabled because they cause server interference/lag, same reason most redstone equipment was disabled as well.
  20. FroggerTkL

    Make player events allowed

    Negative on this, because if this happened, players would be giving away tons of items and pokemon, which in term, is against the rules. This is why we have Server Tournaments set up for you all to enjoy.