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    3) Gold

    4)My pokemon knowledge is quite good and my pixelmon knowledge is acceptable and ever growing

    5) I am above the age requirement (17) and I feel i am certainly mature enough to staff a server

    6) I would first ask them to stop, then i would have a 1 to 1 conversation with each player in dm's to try and resolve a fair conclusion based on the log and actions that may have happened. At first if the players don't stop (asking 3 times) I would mute both players for 3 minutes and then go into dm's and talk about what happened with each player individually, if the issue is small then i give them both a waring but if there is a larger issue i would consult a higher staff member in discord.

    7) If a player consistently broke rules i would contact a mod or admin with the details of the violations commited so they can look over the issue but in the mean time i would go through my 3 step discipline plan, 1) If its verbal abuse or aggressive language I would ask them to stop 3-4 times and if the issue continues then issue a 3 minute temp mute 2) if there is a constantly recourring issue that is ruining the experience for other players, i would contact the person via dm's and ask why they are doing what they are doing and inform them on what rules they are breaking, but in the event that they cannot understand or are intentionally doing actions then i will issue a 30 minute temp ban, 3) Finnaly if step one and two don't resolve the issue I will once again dm the player and inquire into there mishaps but once again if it is intentionall or seems highly satire then I will resort to a 48 hour ban and by that point hopefully a higher staff member and I will come to a reasonable conclusion.

    8) I have spent a lot of my life around kids, via helping out in a nursery nearby for the past 5 years, and over that period I have acquired a good patience for people and a kind hearted tone which personally I don't find on servers like hypixel or mineplex

    9) Recently I have been on for excess of 3.5 per day but I have only just joined, so I would like to say on average I should be able to keep atleast 12 per week

    10) I am a very open person and I tend to remain calm and don't have many hidden features but if I am asked a question very rarely will I dodge away from and answer, no matter how personal

    11) I live in UK timezone and usually play around lunch through 4, but that may change when my school starts back so 4 till 6 I would play when my school starts back , (August)

    12) I enjoy helping people and prefer to be sociable than to be callous, I am warm and bubbly and tend to rub off on my surroundings, (may they be digital). As a staff member I would take great joy in helping players and specating as my actions result in them having a more enjoyable experience

    13) Please screenshot your /splaytime on your main server and link below to show your playtime
    I am having an issue sending my playtime when I receive and error message saying it's a server side issue, I can quote that it says Total: 7h55m13s : 3h4m21s 72.04%

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