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Ban appeal


New member
Uh, I made an appeal back in July I'm pretty sure, still hasn't been looked at despite multiple staff saying they would. It's pretty stupid how it's taking months just for an appeal to be reviewed...


New member
Yeah mine was over 70 days ago, it's crazy how much they can put this on hold, especially since it's been a year and a bit since I was banned.


New member
crazy how long they take I doubt they get many ban appeals looking at the player count on each of the servers


New member
If your appeal hasnt been looked at after a couple weeks, make a new one. Means more appeals were made and it sent yours to the back of the list


New member
hey i got banned it says i have to make a ticket in discord but i cant join the discord it wont let me i need help with this
if u haven't been banned on the discord server. Search up discord.gg/ComplexPixel . That should take you to the discord server.