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Battle Pyramid, Endgame Content?


New member
Hello fellow trainers!

Have you had those moments where you go " I've collected almost everything, and I've beat all of the gyms. My teams are unstoppable. I wish that something would place a challenge. To test not just my Pixelmon, but my skills as a player!"?

Well have I got the idea for you! Introducing (Or re-introducing, for older Pokemon fans) The Battle Pyramid!
A place where dreams and aspirations enter, and either enter the shadow realm, or come out as ripped as a Buzzswole!

The concept was addicting in the days of Pokemon emerald, and I imagine it may be here too. The rules are simple.

You enter a multi-floored dungeon with a staircase going to the next floor on each floor, with the player having to find their way to it in limited visibility. the players enter with nothing in their inventory, all Pokemon healed, no equipable items (leftovers, Choice items, Ect.) During their time in the pyramid, they must find the exit while facing trainers. Fighting the trainers gives more visibility, allowing players to avoid other trainers easier. Pokemon would not be healed between fights. Instead, the player must rely on items found throughout the floors, including equipable items.

After a certain number of floors cleared, the player must fight the boss at the end and win.
Simple enough. But I hear you asking "Zgunther, How would this translate into Minecraft?"

Well I've a couple of ideas.
1.) For the limited items, we could have the inventory be a separate instance, to avoid clearing players hard earned loot, and to avoid the items making their way into the economy
2.) Disable most commands (Except for a means to quit/ escape). this would make commands such as /pokeheal, /bp, and /pc unavalible. this would be used to avoid complications, and to add difficulty
3.) For limited visibility, players could have the blindness debuff, and use a map to navigate. fighting a trainer could result in temporary visibility by getting rid of the buff for x amount of time.
4.)The stairs could be teleport points, to press a button and teleport to the next floor
5.)As for a reason for doing the battle pyramid, maybe as an achievement, or have it reward a title, a way of saying "I've Conquered the Battle Pyramid!"

Now I also know the problems that may arise from this, and i want to address them early to get insight from others into it

1.) Incentive for fighting trainers- I don't know if there is a way to force a player to fight a trainer on sight. if there is, then this is no longer a problem. if there is not, then there is nothing stopping the player from ignoring the trainers and finding the exit. I imagine a fix to this would be to give one of the trainers a "Key" to the next floor. Would there be a better fix that would fit better?

2.)Technical limitations. I know that coding for this stuff and plugins can be a bit.... spaghetti to say the least. i'm wondering if this would bug out things for other parts of the server, such as commands. i'd imagine testing would need to be done

3.) Difficulty scaling. If this were to happen, I'd imagine that players would either stomp the floors, or be stopped in their tracks. I think that having the trainer's Pokemon level scale upwards would help this, but then I feel like the opposite would happen, and eventually the player would be stomped by out of control level scaling (Looking at some of the later gyms) and needing specific Pokemon and strategies to get past one individual. i believe that if this were to happen, the rest of the floor, or the next floor would be impossible

4.) A reason for playing- While I know that some people would join for a challenge, some want a good reward for their ordeals. understandable. my question is where to strike when it comes to loot. my solution would be to have a Bp Shop like the actual games, and reward players progress with Bp. I just don't want this to hurt the economy, but I also don't want this to feel like its a waste of time.

And that's the end of me and my ideas for some kind of endgame content for the servers. what do you think? I would love to hear feedback! Thank you for reading this!

-Zgunther, The Buisness plumber
Ps. This is what happens when you work as a night audit for a hotel at this time.... its so quiet I can hear a raccoon outside and the lobby music is driving me insane!