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Claim removal bug


New member
Hey y'all,

My friend, Spaclac, claimed some land within the area of my house whilst I was in the process of building it. No biggie.
However, now that the house is nearing completion we are trying to remove the claim because it is blocking me from claiming the entire area. When we try to abandon the claim it doesn't let us, but when we check who the claim is owned to by using a stick, its still owned by him. We've tried removing the claim for what feels like about a week now with no changes in result.

Would I be able to get a mod to help us remove my friend Spaclac's claim so that I can properly claim the rest of my area?

Thank you,

C. McM


Staff Member
Can you or your friend, please make a ticket on our Discord so we can help you faster?

In the ticket we will need:

Your IGN and your friend's IGN
Realm this is on
Cords to the location
Zone the location is in
World it is in
Proof of the command not working either by screen shot or recording

IGN: MaddPuppers
Realm: Red
Cords: 100 100 100
Zone: 4
World: Ultra Space
Proof: Video of command being used inside the claim and it not working.

You can either use youtube to upload the video or Streamable.

We look forward to helping you in the ticket!!