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Discord Giveaway


New member
It was a long time ago but I recently wanted to play pixelmon again and I recall winning a giveaway. I did not receive the giveaway price (Rainbow Sash) because I was ' too rude'. I admit I was kinda rude I may have DMed Frank too much and should have more understanding for the situation Frank was in. The times were difficult when the DDOS attacks came. I admit playing on that time wasnt really possible. But I feel like Frank made me the fall guy. I don't think that is very reasonable. The DDOS attacks were also the reason Frank did the giveaway. He did that as a thank you for understanding that it was a difficult time for him. But I would still like to get my rainbow sash I know it was a long time ago but I still have the right to claim it. I am a changed person now I am not gonna push this anymore then 1 more ticket on the discord when I get unbanned if I dont get a message back. So please message me back and thank you for understanding me.
(my discord now is Krillin#2550 and my Minecraft IGN is still TheDeadlyDragon and yes I have linked my minecraft account with the pixelmonmod)