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Is my team good?


New member
Hey Guys!
I would like you to give your opinion about my team, if I could change something and other things.
My team is: Blaziken , Lapras , Alakazam , Lucario , Garchomp and Alolan Raichu.

Have a gooooooood day


New member
Garchomp - 97 Ivs / Raichu Alola - 90 Ivs / Blaziken - 99 Ivs / Lapras - 96 Ivs / Lucario - 95 Ivs / Alakazam - 99 Ivs B)
Nice, I like it only think I would maybe change is overlapping on psychic and fighting types,
Lucario - Blaziken share a lot of common weaknesses, main one being ground, a very common coverage move

Raichu - Alakazam both have psychic type, meaning both have ghost and dark weaknesses which you dont have anything for either atm.