Modpack Problem: Ultraspace Not Spawning Ultrabeasts + Suggested Fix

Discussion in 'Bug Reports' started by Deathunter88, May 10, 2019.

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    Hello Moderators,
    After spending tens of hours in ultraspace, I have yet to see a single ultrabeast. So this means they're either not spawning, or not spawning at the rate they were designed to spawn. A few days ago, a youtuber that I watch called Ethoslab complained that the same issue has been happening on their pixelmon server, and a comment stated that the issue is with the default spawning conditions in the current version of pixelmon. The comment reads:

    So Etho, for ultra beasts, there’s a certain y level you can find them on, but it’s nowhere in the wiki, and you have to dig into files to find it. I’m a staff on a Pixelmon server and we had to deal with this. It needs to be changed in files to spawn on every y level. I believe Kartana is like y 40, which is nowhere near a spawn location

    The spawn-able y-level for ultrabeasts is incorrect, for example the one for Kartana looks like this:

    Screenshot (47).png

    Notice the minLevel and maxLevel are both 60, meaning it can only spawn at this level. What makes it worse is that the islands in ultraspace are at y=80-90, making it virtually impossible for an ultrabeast to spawn. The y-levels need to be changed to be all height levels, or at least a reasonable range. The commentator also said the issue may be fixed by deleting the folder pixelmon/spawning/default/legendaries.

    I have contacted several moderators/admins/staff on the yellow server that I play on, and they have all either denied this is a problem or haven't done anything about it. Obviously if this issue has been addressed already and I was just insanely unlucky, then feel free to disregard this post. Otherwise, I would appreciate if this problem could be solved soon so me and others are not wasting time in ultraspace.


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