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New Enchantment in /perks


New member
I think there should be Auto Smelt in the enchantments tab in /perks

Auto Smelt, for players that don't know, smelts the ore when mining it. This would include Iron and Bauxite only.
I have found that gathering iron to make pokeballs is very hard to come by on the server.
I think players should be able to combine this enchant to their pickaxes so they can try to maximize their profit of iron/aluminum.

Imagine having a pickaxe that had Fortune III and Auto Smelt players can get a bunch of iron in a shorter amount of time. This would help a lot for people who have clans and have a community chest for other players in the clan to keep their stock up to catch more pokemon that they don't have, do the bingo challenges and hunting challenges.

However, the price to buy this enchant should be a higher amount due to the profit player can be making. I think a reasonable price would be around 300k-400k to buy this. Also, you wouldn't have a chance to run into the legendary Meltan while using this perk.


Staff Member
Hey xQuakerx,

As the forum is indeed a place to leave Server Suggestions I'd still recommend doing it on our discord since people can vote on them, if it has enough votes then it'll be sent further to be looked at by Staff. You can access discord through typing /discord in-game, in the #server-suggestions channel.