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    1 ign is Raqet.
    2 Raqet#7678.
    3 I play on silver most of the time.
    4 i do know a lot of pokemon but if i dont know i ask from someone who knows.
    5 I am 16 and im mod on several servers. I should be a mod/helper/admin because i have been told that im good in the job in several servers.
    6 I would ask them whats going on and if they insult the other player while talking to me i say them to stop. If they dont stop i will try to change the thing they're speaking about to other.
    7 I would ask what he/she has done. Next i would of have asken how bad that was like hacking,griefing,etc. What bad it is that muth bigger punishment.
    8 i dont say others can bring this but peace. Im very calm usually and if i get mad i will stop almost instantly. and im hard to make mad.
    9 i normally play 30hrs a week whenever i can.
    10 something all of you hould know is sorry if ive been rude and done bad things.
    11 i live in EU and i normally play the server from 15-19 on weekdays and on weekends i play from 8:00 to 21:00.
    12 i wish to be on complex cause i really like the server. I want to prove myself to everyone.
    13 will send picture soon

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