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Someone was able to take my stuff and Grief my base

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New member
I built my base is Cave in a dug out hill. towards the back of the base i had a small storage area. Inside the storage area was a chest full of pokeballs and a chest full of my competitive items.
In that area i built a lava pool with stained glass on top of it.

Today when i logged on, my lava pool was gone as well as all of my pokeballs and competitive items. Someone place stone, dirt, cobblestone, and snow blocks where the lava was and all the glass was missings. the storage was blocked off, and the storage was blocked off.

I have not used to /trust command on anyone.

And the area is claimed. A helper was able to confirm that the storage was all claimed as well.

I'd like help in confirming who was able to build in my base and take my items.


New member
Hey NothingButRags,
I am glad that you got back your stuffs. The accused person who took your stuff was punished accordingly. If you need any help in future don't hesitate to contact us in Server or make a Support Ticket.

Have a nice day :D (I will Close the thread Now since your Issue was Solved)
Not open for further replies.