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    1) My MC username is Dom_711

    2) My Discord tag is Dom_711#2135

    3) I mainly play on Silver. I am open to move to other servers though.

    4) Pretty good, I know a LOT about the competitive battling scene, and about evtraining and stuff. so if a noob has a question I can FOR SURE answer it.

    5) I would first immediately give them a warning to take it into a dm or a private discord call, if they don't I might give another warning depending on the situation. and then they will get punished with a temporary ban of the server.

    6) If I gave them fair warnings then I will punish them with a ban or somthing of the like

    7) Positivity <3 regularly active helper FattyVappess & player Payafril can vouch for me, I always keep the positive mental attitude first and never seek to be rude, unkind, or offensive in any way shape or form. AS WELL as a veteran, complex knowledge of the competitive battling scene for those who want to go hard.

    8) At least an hour a day on a weekday and on a weekend at least six hours a day. so pretty often

    9) Nope, I'm a open book

    10) I live in eastern time, so on a weekday I am on from as early as 6:00pm to as late as 1:00am. and on a weekend I can be on from as early as 10:00am to as late as 4:00am.

    11) Because of the extremely positive community. I would like to be a part of somthing that gave me so much joy when I first started playing, and to give that experience to other people would be great <3

    12) Here is the screenshot of my stats

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