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Still banned.


New member
Im afraid i wont be able to participate in this building competition, i love complex, its my favourite server and i really want to come back ;_; im sure a staff can check my appeal out a bit and talk about it, the building comp really is important to me as im mainly a builder, and i have some friends who need me. Sorry for the incovenience (its almost been 2 weeks), love u all ;), and sorry if im crying about it lmao


New member
Mine took a month and 1 or 2 weeks, then got denied so u gota wait like up to max time 2 months because apparentlys theres a lot of application to be filled by staff.


New member
Don't worry about it, if they haven't got back to you yet it still means its under observation. I know you are desperate to play, but there are lots of other applications they need to check out as well all i can say is don't worry you'll get a reply as soon as they have made their decision.


Staff Member
Hey there all,

I completely understand all your concerns regarding your ban appeals (I would be worried too), but rest assured, they will be read; however, as vP_ug noted, it may take us more than 2 weeks to get to your ban appeal due to the high volume of ban appeals we receive. We do apologize for the long wait and thank you for your patience, in advance. If you have any other concerns, please feel free to let me or a member of our staff know and we will help you out as soon as possible. Stay safe and healthy.