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stolen pokeballs


New member
Im completely new and just started last week so Im learning all the mechanics of the game. I had stored 10+ pokeball types that ranged from 10x to 60x and a masterball in a crate that was 1 block off my golden shovel placement. Honestly my fault that I put it in the one box that was not covered by my golden shovel but it kinda sucks that someone would just take all that and run away. Thankfully havent invested alot of time in this server and only spent $10 for a rank. BUT YEA! Take me for a cautionary tale and make sure you are placing your crates INSIDE your golden shovel. Thanks guys.


Senior Admin
Senior Admin
Staff Member
Hey there! Can I please have the server and your IGN and we can help you get back those pokeballs :)

If you would prefer to talk on discord feel free to open up a ticket in our discord server or you can DM me (Doccis#3091)