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Store Discounts??


New member

I am new player and was interested in buying a high end command / rank but was curious if there is any discounts available? I saw near checkout there's an option for discount codes but I haven't heard anyone to know of one. Curious me then googled "complex pokemon" discount codes and found a twitter page saying in 2018 to follow for giveaways and discounts but nothing more has ever followed. Any information on this topic would be awesome, especially if anyone knew of a discount code.

Update: Heard from a user that you can get a discount from making a purchase but I actually purchased the challenger rank $12 and gifted another and never received any discount code to use :(
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Senior Admin
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Heya, discounts are decided by the Owner himself so we do not have any estimated times on them. Usually on holidays such as Christmas or Black Friday there'd be a sale but other than that you're best off waiting. The discount from purchasing things has a chance to be given, not guaranteed. You could also check your spam folder as it might be there.