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Um ban appeals


New member
They probably have a lot of appeals, but i would think they have enough staff to be able to go through the appeals and get back to the players.


Staff Member
Been 2 weeks and no response on ban appeal... Wanna know if i can play or not lol
Hey brthr,

Apologies for the long wait! As xEagles612 mentioned, we do receive a high volume of ban appeals every day. As a result, it may take us approximately, more or less, two weeks to read your ban appeal. While I do completely understand that two weeks is a considerable amount of time, we ask that you exercise patience (we do look highly upon those that do). Once we have made a decision, you will receive a message regarding the status of your appeal. If you have any further questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out to one of us and we will gladly address them. Stay safe and healthy.