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Umm...What's up with nature mints?


New member
As many of you were excited for the new Pixelmon update, one update feature that I was especially excited for were the introduction of nature mints. However, when i started to farm them, I came to the realization that they don't work. I thought this was a glitch so I went to a single player world, and it turns out my game wasn't glitched. So, why disable nature mints?


Senior Mod
Senior Mod
Staff Member
We already have an item on our server called Nature Modifiers, which do the exact same job as a nature mint. Despite the mints being nature specific and you needing to farm the mints to get the one nature you want (since farming them gives you a random one) - the nature mod is one item that lets you select the specific nature you want without actually having to farm for it. Having two of the same item seems redundant, hence why they were disabled.