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Ways to Make money (Personal Opinion)


New member
Ways to make money includes: Breeding, Gambling, Pokestops, Bid Battles, Payed Building or Mining. Breeding (https://pixelmonmod.com/wiki/index.php?title=Breeding). Going to every pokestops includes 1 at spawn and 1 in each gym warp. Offering services for building other players house, with this you can set your own pricing methods but obviously be reasonable. (No scamming or Lie about building skills), Mining, either you go mining yourself of pay someone to mine for you. I believe their is a gambling option on the server with the command /gambling. Bid fights (Bid on who's going to win. Catch Legends then sell them. ( if more ways are found to make money this will be updated)


New member
I heard diamond ores were 500 pokebucks, also getting a silk touch on a pickaxe and mining coal ores, can bring a lot of cash.. rtp every 10 mins, coal everywhere.


Staff Member
Hey y'all,

For more tips on how to make money fast, check out the Money Guide by clicking here! If you got some more ways, feel free to share it in this thread <3