Wrenn1010's ban appeal

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    1) What is your Minecraft username? Wrenn1010
    2) Are you appealing a ban or a mute? Ban
    3) What server were you banned/muted on? Blue, all
    4) Please provide an explanation of why you were banned from the server: I was spamming server messages in chat at the time, I did not know that that was against the rules but I now realize how it could get annoying but it was just a joke and no one seemed to care, so I kind of wish someone would have just asked me politely to stop instead of perm banning. The message I was spamming was that a legend spawned on someone as a joke but I should not have done it and i wont do it again.
    5) Do you believe this ban/mute was unfair? If so why? Yes and no because i think it was a little harsh considering that i did not know it was against the rules but at the same time i did break a rule but i wish someone would have talked to me instead of perm banning me.
    6) Which staff member do you believe banned/muted you (optional)? Mt Everett
    7) Why should you be unbanned/unmuted? I would really like to continue playing Pixlemon as i really enjoyed the server and I believe I was a big part of the blue community and i really enjoyed playing with everyone and the relationships i built.
    8) Any additional proof or things to let us know! (Screenshots, Videos, Etc) n/a

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