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Zygarde cells/cores not spawning?


New member
I've managed to stay inside of one chunk that has multiple trees and a lot of leaves for about 30 minutes, and not a single cell nor core has spawned, I have checked every single block. How am I supposed to get Zygarde cells/cores?


Staff Member
Hey there Hipops, for my understanding of Zygrade Cores, and cells they spawn once within a world, for example like diamonds, when a chunk is loaded, the blocks in that chuck are also loaded, when someone mines a block within that chunk, the chunk becomes updated, making it not have the block which you have mined, Zygrade Cells actually count as a block, for when its picked up, its gone forever until the server gets a reset. If the server has been around for a long amount of time, it would just be best to buy the zygrade Cells, and Cores from /warp GroundMart.