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    Staff Application Requirements:
    1. I'm Sixteen
    2. I am online just about everyday, 24 hours + a week
    3. I've been playing tekkit since 2014/2015 ish and have gather a large amount of knowledge in that time
    4. I always using discord to communicate with friends, so its always open.

    Staff Application Guidelines:
    1. Minehog98
    2. Deleted Content #4670
    3. Survival
    4. I've been playing for quite some time and always enjoy learning about new machines and such
    5. I tell both players to drop the argument, if they decide to continue then ill first inform a superior staff member as I try to calm down and sort out said argument.
    6. The classic 3 strikes your out rule would apply here in the form of a temp ban possibly
    7. I feel like everyone brings there own set of attributes along with themselves that reveal themselves overtime, however i've been told i'm good at ending arguments among enemies and friends alike.
    8. Average 24 hours or so, maybe more or less depending on how busy I am
    9. I have had 2 citations I believe for just large misunderstands simply put, however I feel like I get along with the staff pretty well 99% of the time as I should, I've been with this server from pretty much the beginning and I have the rank "Member" to prove it
    10. Central Time Zone, US I am on most of the day weekdays and after 10 on weekends in most cases
    Thanks for taking the time to read this, staff member or not ill still enjoy this server!

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