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    IGN: Odeniic
    Discord Name: Odeniic
    Age: 21 (D.O.B. 4/27/1998)

    3) I primarily play Survival, but do intend to play on the other servers more in the future.

    4) I feel as if I am pretty familiar with the mod pack itself. There are obviously some concepts that I do not feel I am an expert with, but the most common concepts and problems are familiar to me. I also don't have a problem going in-depth to find a solution to a problem someone is having if I do not personally know the answer.

    5) I would first ask what the issue was. If it was something simple that I could rectify myself, I would so as such and make sure both players were aware that such behavior was unacceptable. If there was no easy solution to the argument, I would reach out to other staff members and give them written warnings and make sure others were aware of the situation. Assuming the situation would then be calmed down, I would make sure to keep an eye on both players when online.

    6) I would make sure that they were aware that if they continued there would be consequences. If they continued I would go through the process of giving such consequences. I would start with a warning and if they continued down the path of disregard for the rules I would go through with whatever measures necessary to solve the problem.

    7) I have a lot of experience in being staff. It has not always been in a Minecraft server, but it has been multiple times in other communities. I have a lot of experience dealing with situations and making sure that the community is a fun and safe place for all players. I currently am second in command of a community that I practically run on my own due to a life situation of the owner, so I feel I have the necessary experience and knowledge of what it takes and how to deal with many different types of conflicts.

    8) I normally am able to dedicate around 14-20 hours a week to online activities, and if I were to become staff a big chunk of that would become solely dedicated to Complex.

    9) I am a new husband and father-to-be, so I know that there will be an upcoming time where I will be a little distracted, but with all commitments I have, there will be no decline in the time I have on the server. I might not be actively playing, but I will be actively monitoring chat and Discord while I deal with things. I will make sure to manage the time I have responsibly so that I will meet the adequate time online each week.

    10) I live in the Central Time zone. I am normally on Discord most of the day, but I am on Minecraft and other games from around 5-9 pm CST.

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