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    1) IGN

    2) Discord name

    3) What server do you play on?

    4) How In-Depth is my knowledge of Tekkit Classic?
    Pretty In-Depth; only thing I really don't know is megaliths. I've been playing for roughly six/seven years. (Me being in my 20's)

    5) Two-people arguing, what do you do?
    I tell them to stop, that is the first warning. Explaining to them that this is a safe and fun place for people to play around and have fun, forgetting about the real world and indulge themselves in their own creativity for which is Minecraft. (most likely not that super in-depth, but close I'd presume). But if they were to continue. I would have to issue mutes for a certain time period. By this point it can go two-ways, if they continue after their mutes are finished, I either issue a suspension for a certain time period, or I would listen to their story trying to find a middle ground. I'm not looking for a winner, I just want them to stop with the toxicity. Hopefully eventually making them understand they shouldn't be arguing in the first place. This is a fun place for everybody to come and enjoy. No need for arguing.

    6) Person constantly breaking rules
    Keep issuing them warnings, till they eventually get enough warnings and it results in their ban. If I am online while it is happening I'll give them a little "time-out" if it happens more than a few times, which is a kick for a certain time period. If I'm not online but I am there for the after math and I realize they keep on breaking the rules. Then I'll keep issuing them warnings till it'll eventually result in their ban.

    7) Bring to the table others don't?
    Probably not much, not going to lie. I just have a vast knowledge of stuff I've accumulated over six/seven years of playing Tekkit Classic. Besides megaliths. My one weakness. I'd like to be the one guy people like to ask assistance for. People being helped brings me joy.

    8) Play Weekly?
    Depends, the longest I've played in a week was two-days in total (in hours). But on average my time is roughly 15-20 hours weekly. I play a lot, and like to help a lot of people. Me helping others keeps me occupied, so if I gain some form of staff position it'll just increase.

    9) Should you know about me?
    I'm an insanely relax guy that likes to help people who needs assistance. I gain my joy from helping others. Also, if I were to be in a discord call with anybody I like to sing, music is a giant part of my life. So sorry in advance if it gets annoying. But hey at least I'm a good singer.

    10) Timezone and time on?
    Central-Timezone, North America. I'm usually on around evening time to the morning.

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