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  1. XDKTC

    Hexxit Glitched!

    Read above this is wrong network forum for hexxit. You want ftb network
  2. XDKTC

    Hexxit Glitched!

    the one i posted link to in first post
  3. XDKTC

    Hexxit Glitched!

    wrong forum https://www.mc-complex.com/forums/ftb/
  4. XDKTC

    Changed user name and lost donated ranks

    it's best if u use discord to report such things we are way more active on there then here. this has been taken care of on survival
  5. XDKTC

    A person who calls themselves LeGuernic claims to be known here.

    To amend this response of mine a bit more. CG Tekkit network all minecraft 1.2.5 [Not 1.4.6] > lie CG FTB network lowest modpack is 1.7.10 and get into higher mc versions from there [ where the 1.4.6 ? ] CG Pixelmon Dont know for sure since I do not play it personally but is at least 1.12.2 and...
  6. XDKTC

    A person who calls themselves LeGuernic claims to be known here.

    never heard of them. tell them to take their scam elsewhere
  7. XDKTC

    Antigod and Complex Guidelines

    **Anti-god and Complex restrictions/guidelines** Hello everyone , For the sake of repeating ourselves constantly I thought it was about time to put these down as a hard copy for everyone to browse. There are a few extra guidelines / restrictions on what you can and cannot do given the new...
  8. XDKTC

    Modpack sound fix !

    With Mojang dropping support for the basic sound files for Tekkit Classic here is a bit of info you will need in order to install the resource pack If you're having the issue of vanilla minecraft sounds not working on tekkit classic, here is how to fix it: 1 - Download this file which contains...
  9. XDKTC

    Donation Issues (Guideline)

    Read the Guidelines below for how to properly report your donation issue! 1) Your IGN 2) What is your issue, explain in detail. Complex-Gaming Team will fix your issue within 24 hours (guaranteed) Thank you for your donation! - Complex Gaming Team
  10. XDKTC

    Suggest Us (Guidelines)

    Guidelines For Suggesting Something Below! 1) Is this a website or server suggestion? (or neither) 2) Explain the suggestion in detail 3) Wait for us to approve or decline it - Complex Gaming Team
  11. XDKTC

    Welcome to Complex-Gaming

    Complex-Gaming Tekkit Website! If you're reading this, thank you for choosing our server to play on! Below is a list of useful information about the website, including important links, useful information, and much more. If you have any questions or issues feel free to make a forum post by...
  12. XDKTC

    Elaboration on some of the rules for Survival

    ---Rules--- [1] No Hacked Clients (No Exceptions). Bit self-explanatory If you are fly/speed hacking around you will be punished. Buy yourself a Swiftwolf Rending Gale (flying ring) [2] Do not place more than 10 Spawners in a mob farm. Spawners won't drop EMC if you are within a certain range...