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A person who calls themselves LeGuernic claims to be known here.


New member
Does any stuff or someone else know him here? By "known here" I mean known as an important person, such as developer or close to that.


Server Manager
Staff member

To amend this response of mine a bit more.

CG Tekkit network all minecraft 1.2.5 [Not 1.4.6] > lie
CG FTB network lowest modpack is 1.7.10 and get into higher mc versions from there [ where the 1.4.6 ? ]
CG Pixelmon Dont know for sure since I do not play it personally but is at least 1.12.2 and above
CG Vanilla network all 1.16 + minecraft.

I've been with complex pretty much since the beginning in 2017 , please do explain to me where we are hiding a 1.4.6 minecraft server.
it's ok I'll wait :D