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New Member
Hi, My name is Mason, I'm 18 years old and I'm applying for Staff on Complex Tekkit Classic. My IGN is El_Mittens, and my Discord name isMr. Mittens#1831. I primarily play on the Survival server. Let me put it this way, I started playing Tekkit Classic back in 2013, when is was just known as Tekkit. I was a supreme admin on an older Tekkit server named Tekkit Cyber Miner (shut down in 2014 due to ownership issues). In a scenario where 2 players are arguing and insulting each other, I'd calmly ask the two to respectfully stop. If one player decides to escalate further, a warning would occur. If a player continuously breaks the rules, as a helper, I'd notify an admin of the wrongdoing with screenshots, of course, and allow the admin to take over from there. What I can bring to the community is professionalism and experience in management, leadership, and tekkit (of course). I am an Active Duty SSgt in the US Air Force and as such comes with responsibility. I could bring about 12-13 hours a week on the server, depending on my IRL job requirements. If you have any questions about myself or what I do, please feel free to ask. I live in central time zone and I'm on around 10 am to 2