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Innuu's Staff Application


New Member
age: 26
Active: Everyday 12+ hours 50 + hours a week

Knowledge: 95% Of Tekkit known to man/woman

1) IGN: Innuu

2) Discord: Innuu#7392

3) Survival Tekkit Classic

4)Id Say i am Pretty Close To Being A Master Tekkit Player its been a few years since i use to run some servers i do have a lot of info about the
mod pack.

5) I would nicely ask them to stop and take it else where if they tend to not listen i will give them a warning after that i will mute for 1 hour pretty fair deal both ways.

6) Get a hold of the higher staff and talk about the consequences depending on the rule they broke. if they was hacking id ban them with a reason if it was minor i would jail them for 24 hours after that 1 chance or ban.

7) I know about 95% of Tekkit Use To Make Plugins For 1.2.5 been about 6 years but i do know in game info i know all OP commands only ones i wouldn't know is if the server has custom plugins for OP. About me i am nice I will Help any player even if they are in stress and complaining about the game i will show players how to play the game if needed im always a helping hand just ask me and il try to help.

8) i can game up to 50 + hours a week i am on 12+ hours a day i can respond to anyone at anytime in
less i am asleep.

9) ii will follow rules and other staffs opinions i do not judge people in life i give people a chance but if they break that chance idk what to tell them.

10) Time Zone is Eastern i am on at nights during the late afternoon to early mornings.

Thanks for the time and Patients of reading my APP.