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juudube being a silly bugger.


New Member
1) The players IGN, and your IGN - My ign - MirageShuriken - Players ign - juudube

2) Why you are reporting them? failing to mute someone, after committing a serious offence.

3) Proof of what you are accusing them of - To be honest im not accusing juudube of anything to be honest. some guy said kys in chat, and juudube didnt even make a try at muting him, he still even isnt muted, which is really out of order. So the guy that said kys his ign is, BdoubleO10. He said kys in chat, and the staff failed to mute him.

In my opinion and belief i think juudube should be downgraded (in other words demoted), as he failed to make an attempt at muting the guy for saying kys. The guy is still not muted to this day. So more about the guy that said kys, i had a massive go at him, because i dont like people that say that to others so obviously im going to defend that guy, from that stupid prat thats saying kys. Heres the proof for, that silly staff to look at. juudube muted me for a day, for protecting the guy that got told to kys. So pathetic in my pov and opinion.

Hint: it says kys at the top of the screenshot.