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Minehogs Staff Application 2.0

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New Member
Staff Application Requirements:
1. I'm 16 (17 in December)
2. I am online just about everyday, 24 hours + a week
3. I've been playing tekkit since 2014/2015 ish and have gather a large amount of knowledge in that time
4. I always using discord to communicate with friends, so its always open.

Staff Application Guidelines:
1. Minehog98
2. Deleted Content #4670
3. Survival
4. I've been playing for quite some time and always enjoy learning about new machines and such
5. I tell both players to drop the argument, if they decide to continue then ill first inform a superior staff member as I try to calm down both players and sort out the argument.
6. The classic 3 strikes your out rule would apply here in the form of a temp ban possibly
7. I will bring my creative problem solving and charismatic skills to the table.
8. Average 24 hours or so, maybe more or less depending on how busy I am
9. There are several large spiders living in the ceiling of my home
10. Central Time Zone, US I am on most of the day weekdays and after 10 on weekends in most cases
Not open for further replies.