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Minor Complaint


New Member
Im not gonna use the format if there is one simply because I feel its too niche of an issue to fully implement it.

I was muted one to two weeks ago for stating that a certain slur existed. I was then muted for "racism in chat". Originally, I thought it was fair because it was a racist term, obviously, and that was that.

Today, I pointed out that I was muted for such, and was thus chewed out, and muted again.

Keep in mind, as I said that, someone else said Seig Heil in chat with no reprimand, and was reasoned away as "Seig Heil means 'Hail Victory' " Indeed it does, but it's still widely used by Neo-Nazis around the globe. Is that not Naziism? No, because it can be explained, and has prior context.

I then tried to take it to discord to talk it out, albeit I was a little annoyed, and had a very short conversation with XDKTC to resolve the issue. I then tried to explain that context should play a part in this, and brought up the prior point, where I pretty much was told the reasoning above. XD then implied (from what I could tell, anyway) that context didnt matter, and was then removed from the discord entirely.

I can understand being muted for saying some scuff shit, and would have taken that had it been carried out like that, but from the way it was carried out, I feel I was pinned as a racist, and wasnt allowed to appeal my punishment for the sake of it being too stressful an issue to deal with.

I dont expect XD to recieve any punishment, I'd have to be a fool to, and thats not why Im here.

Im lodging this here, because I feel it's important to take context into consideration when dealing with shit like this. Sure, if someone just spouts the N word off in chat, mute the fucker. But if someone is quoting another, or pointing something out, I feel that's eggshell territory, and should be treaded on as such. Im no racist, but Im not one for extremely strict punishment.

Now, yes, there is the other side of the argument which is "just dont say racist shit in chat and we wont have a problem". Yes, that is entirely legitimate a point, but what I dont see as legitimate is indiscriminately muting for something that wasnt even racially/hatefully charged or aimed at anyone.

Another argument I see a lot is "we gotta keep the server kid friendly. you never know if there's one on."
On this point, I agree, but to a very small degree. Sure, it's minecraft. But lets really be pragmatic here.
For one, half the chat swears like sailors with no reprimand. That aint kid firendly by any stretch. Secondly, Kids are simple for the most part. YOu're not gonna see some innocent 9 year old building a megalith on the server. (If you do, then that kid should be going places) Thirdly, Kids are gonna wanna play the new shit, not some outdated modpack on Technic. Sure, there are plenty of exceptions, but Im talking about the demographic that would truly be affected by such language. I mean, cmon. We were all saying dumb shit online when we were young. Not that thats an excuse, but everyone's been there. I was sayin dumb shit on AIM and Public IRC rooms when I was 9.

I doubt this will gain any traction, and Ill probably have wasted my time writing this, but I just wanted to say that there should really be a little forethought when dealing with shit like this. Im no racist, and I know to tread lightly from now on, but were all adults here. Can we just relax a little bit?


Staff member
Any use of racial slurs in game will be auto muted and warned for it no matter if you're joking, being serious or even if it's not aimed at anyone it has no place on our server. As for the one going siege heil shouldn't have even put that in chat as it doesn't belong on the server. As for your most recent mute today that was down to you spamming letters even when being told to stop and didn't. Once you said it once in game and got muted for it why would you then repeat it a second time knowing the first time it got warned for racism.