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PrOsKiTtLeSs application


New Member
1) my user is PrOsKiTtLeSs
2) my discord is: luis.hall#6047
3) Survival is my preference but i'll happily play on any server
4) I've been playing tekkit for around 6 years so I've gotten the hang of it but theirs always gonna be more to learn!
5) first I'd try to find out what they're arguing over, if its something serious like theft or griefing then I would try to calm them down and then if they don't calm don't I would give a warning to them both. if this doesn't work then i would mute them for 30 mins. if they still argue after 30 mins, I would issue a temporary ban for 24 hours
6) it all depends on the rule, if the rule broken was about the prices of sold items then I would stop them from selling items but if its about language in the chat and general being unkind to other players I would mute them for an hour
7) theres nothing I can particularly do that nobody else can, but I would always be professional and try my best
8) I usually play for around 3-4 hours a day so around 21-28 hours a week
10) I'm from England so i'm GMT (Greenwich Mean Time) and I usually play from 8:00PM to around 1:00 AM due to working later hours