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TheFuzzichicken and welsh warrior just griefed my blueelectricity farm i just build. i wanted to look the rest up on youtube and then claim it and they claimed while i was at youtube the land an stole 64 baterie boxes and half a stack solar panels. they are even saying that thats allowed can please someone help me?
And with help i don't mean say me that i should have claimed it before
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New Member
To clarify, yes we took the items near Alexander9881's base. An administrator/moderator at the time did promptly teleport to Alexander9881 and check if the land was claimed, it wasn't. So me and my colleague took the items assuming no one owned them. Therefore we broke no rules or griefed any items that belonged to Alexander9881. So in short, yes, this issue was sorted on the spot they told him that he should've claimed before and that they couldn't do anything to help him.