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Supreme Staff Aplication

john riley

New Member
1) Whats your IGN?
My IGN is SupremeOG_ (nickname supreme)

2) What is your discord name?
My discord name is Supreme#1540

3) Which server do you primarily play on?
Tekkit Classic

4)How In-Depth is your knowledge of Tekkit Classic?

I Know about 80% of the whole game (Know machinery and things related to that the most)

5) Scenario: 2 players are arguing and insulting eachother and you are the only staff member online how would you deal with this situation?
Figure out a way to end the issue quickly, giving warnings if continues. If arguing continues after warnings, adequate actions will be used (mutes, etc.)

6) How would you respond if a player consistently broke the rules?
After numerous warnings and telling the player what he/she is doing is wrong & stating what rule is being broken, adequate actions will be used.

7) What do you bring to the community that other applicants do not?
I know a lot about the game. Also have been staff twice, being let go due to inactivity.

8) How many hours per week do you normally play Complex-Gaming?
Anywhere between 2-4 hours a day. (Can make 10+ hours a week)

9) Is there anything else the Complex-Gaming team should know about you?
I prefer helping others than doing things for myself in the server

10) What timezone do you live in and at what times are you normally on (This is to ensure there are staff on at all times)?
In the Eastern Time Zone, can expect to see me anytime after 5 p.m

no longer going to randomly go inactive for long periods of time*
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