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Szerszen4s Abuse - Staff Report

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New Member
Szerszen4s is the staff member I am reporting, and I am "ImBrytan" in-tekkit!
I called him a "You're a smelly pants! >:)" and I got muted for 15 minutes and a citiation! I think
this is stupid and that he should be demoted or I should have the citiation removed.

Evidence: (Im putting this for antispam; imgur(DOT)com/a/g2rik


New Member
Szer has been good staff always,
We cannot smell you were joking or you actually meant it.. herefor we always mute and/or Cite when it's unclear a player steps up against staff or is messing with us..

Although, a cite is a warning and a 15minute mute is nothing..

Stick to the rules and you'll probably never get cited again!

- ImYourBaeNow (helper)


New Member
You were told to respect staff numerous times before. And you kept going at Szer. I was also online. You continued to disrespect a staff member. The punishment stands.
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