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Jul 1, 2019
    1. TaviRay
      Hey, there's a problem on the Project Ozone 3 server. At /warp crates there are tons and tons of mobs that shouldn't be there and the vote crate also doesn't work. I didn't see any mods on the server, so I thought I should try on the website.
    2. HomemadeKetchup
      I was wondering if my staff application has been chosen
      1. Destinyskull
        If you haven't seen a friend request in your discord account from jelly than no, you have not been chosen.
        Feb 5, 2019
      2. Darkcitadel
        if you're in the official complex gaming, if you have been accepted you will either receive a private message from jelly or floa or the other 2 managers, meaning if you haven't had a response then you most likely haven't been accepted =yet=
        Feb 13, 2019
    3. TheEnderNogga
      hello, I spent the last 2 hours trying to get to my base with a horse to be able to pre-register in the SevTech modpack but as soon as I pass to the side of the base of _KRUTORS_ it just disappeared. Can I recover the horse in any way?
    4. Rage79
      Hello my my friend KrusnikWlfsbane well his base got grief and his dose not know to to report it so im doing it
      for him can you please look into it for him
    5. Qnyo_papa
      While i try to connect the Skyfactory3 server i got an error it said Fmlmod rejection:gravestones.
      I try to delete/turn off the mod nothing changed i get this message.

      Sorry for my bad english :)
    6. Sminkiolz
      Hi, do chunk loader always online really work?
    7. Ateve
      help, i'm stuck in someone nether portal on Sky Adventure, my nick is Ateve, pls force me to spawn thx
    8. MaksimPysarev
      Hi, we have a problem with sf3 for 5 hours. And it had not fixed yet.
    9. Austin
      I am unable to load back into sevtech anyway you could help me?
    10. BeatXvel
      FTB Direwolf20 has been down for 3 hours, can you fix it please?
    11. Sminkiolz
      HI, it's all morning that FTB DIrewolf20 is crashed, can you restart it pleaase? thanks
    12. declan
      hi i was just wandering if the nether portal is supposed to not work
    13. megaverse
      Hello just to say on the SevTech:ages server all the things we need to do to advance ages is blank or bugged I just hope you won't need to rollback but hell we can't do anything meanwhile so please fix it. Thank you.
    14. ThomasLive
      Hello, may I ask you to move me to a spawn on the crundee craft server, I just jumped into the portal in the twilight forest and now I have a crashing game. My nick is ThomasLive
    15. Sparty
      excuse me i just wanted to ask if its possible to move my character to /spawn in crundee craft because whenever i try to join i crash (i think my twilight forest portal is bugged because it started when i tried to use it) hope its not a bother :D
      btw my ign is Sparty_xD
    16. Equaliger
      I play on the Sky Adventures modpack, however when I now try to log in it says I was banned because my base is lagging the server (and to contact staff about the issue)? But that doesn't seem right because I've only been playing for a couple days, my base doesn't have anything really big at all that should cause lag I don't think... My IGN is EqualigerZero; thank you.
    17. bighead500
      So why did you ban me from the discord and the server for something I did without knowing it was a bug
    18. krutors
      sevtech server down and som other
      best regards krutors
    19. krutors
      playing sev tech
      stuck at age 2 becours cant go to twilight
      and get carminite reactor
      cant make it ether it needs redstone ore and cant get that at age 2
      need a buy sigen at spawn for the reactor/redstone ore

      to be enebled to progressto next age 2->3
      best regards krutors
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